How To Keep Natural Hair Moisturized For 4 Days

The biggest problem that naturals have to deal with is making sure our hair is moisturized. Dry natural hair is a pain, and making the moisture last can be a struggle for some of us. For others, their biggest struggle is getting the moisture inside the strands. No matter what our burden is, we all have to find ways to make it last as long as possible.

Before I get to my specific regimen, I’m going to list the things I did to help me develop my current moisture regimen. There are a couple of key points that I want to share so that you can a regimen that has maximum moisture as well.

Learn Your Porosity

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This is the number one thing that helps me retain moisture. Knowing your porosity takes the guesswork out of natural hair care because it explains your hair’s behavior. Once you know why your hair is dry, you can determine what type of products it needs to be able to retain moisture.

The image above is a picture of the float test. The test determines your porosity by seeing how much water is able to soak into the strand. I go into more detail in All About Porosity, so make sure to check it out if you need more details.

Change Your Regimen

People are scared of change, but it’s not always that bad. In some cases (like when it comes to hair), it’s necessary. If you don’t change your regimen, you wont ever know if there is something that works even better.

Change is the key to success because the whole point of a natural hair journey is to learn your hair. Natural hair changes over time just like everything else, so if you don’t put effort into learning its behavior during different stages, you’re not going to take care of it as you should. By not changing your regimen you could be harming your hair, or at least hindering it from reaching it’s full potential.

Learn What Your Hair Likes

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While this can go along with changing your regimen, you don’t have to make such a major change if it’s not needed. In between regimen changes, explore new products to see what your hair responds to the best. This meant that every time you run out of a product, buy it in a different brand or try to make it yourself.

DIYs are extremely helpful because you’re able to control what goes into the products. You get to pick all of the ingredients and control the amount of each one. This helps you determine the specific ingredients that your hair loves and what it can do without.

 Also, now you can save a lot of money and time when shopping for new products ( if you’re a product junkie like me) because you know to pass on the ones who use ingredients that your hair doesn’t like. Saving money on what not to buy allows you to have more money to spend on other products (#productjunkielogic).

Most Of The Work Should Be Done On Wash Day

Natural hair requires a lot of moisture, and your hair gets the most moisture on wash day. That’s the day where you drench your hair in water and slather on all of the products. It’s the foundation for the rest of the week, so if you have a wash day full of bad products, you are going to have a dry hair week. Of course, you can always add more moisture over time, but if you want the most hydration possible then you have to make sure you have a good wash day.

Wear Low-Manipulation Styles

Every time you style your hair, some of the product gets on your hands and on the comb. This means that the things that are supposed to be providing moisture to your hair are removed. Wearing hairstyles that don’t require a lot of touching helps the moisture to stay in your hair by keeping your hands away from it.

Now to be perfectly honest, I like to touch my hair all the time. There’s just something about it that’s soothing. So if you’re like me and you have “hand-in-hair syndrome”, then another good thing about low manipulation styles is that most of them are pretty good at keeping in moisture anyway. As long as you don’t touch your hair too much, you’ll be fine.

Do The LCO Method Twice

My hair is extremely dry, and moisturizing it throughout the week doesn’t always suffice unless I'm ahead of the dryness. In order to make sure that it’s hydrated for the longest time possible, I do the LCO method. I chose this over the LOC method because oils are sealants, so I need to place them last in order to retain the most moisture.

Doing the LCO method twice helps me to get and retain a lot more moisture, and prevents my hair from being dry all of the time. I put on my liquids, creams, and oils, then I do it all again. I started doing this during the summer and it’s been helping a lot. My hair sheds a lot less and I don’t have to moisturize as often.

A lot of people say that the “L” in LOC or LCO stands for “Leave-In”. I believe that it should stand for “Liquid” because water is what we’re really looking for. Leave-in conditioners only work because they have a lot of water, so let’s just give credit where it’s due.

The reason why I decided to use “liquid” instead of “leave-in” is that I noticed that sealing in the moisture is what determines the quality of my hair. It doesn’t matter what products give me the moisture, as long as it’s there, I just have to seal it in properly.

Either Use Heavy Oils Or Grease To Seal

I know that a lot of naturals don’t like grease or using heavy oils because they can weigh down your hair. However, I like using them because they work really well for sealing. They hold everything in place so that the water can’t escape easily, and you don’t even need to use a lot in order to get a good seal.

My personal favorite right now is grease because it also adds a little hold. Don’t get me wrong I still love my olive oil, but I noticed that grease provides a better seal. Sometimes I add the oil first then the grease, other times I mix the oils into the grease. The moisture lasts for a long time and my styles get an extra boost.


Here are methods that work for me too keep moisture in my hair for four days. It might seem like a lot, but it’s worth it in order to have healthy natural hair. Let me know some tips that you guys have in order to get long-lasting moisture.

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