Natural Hair Growth Tips For A Lazy Day

We all want longer hair, but we don’t always want to put a lot of work into it. There are days when I’m hype and ready to DIY everything! There are also times when I just want to watch YouTube videos about natural hair growth and hope for the best. You know, when it’s just one of those days.

If you’re having one of those days ( or weeks, months, life) then there are still ways for you to get the growth you want as well. All it takes is for you to do a lot of nothing.

Relax and De-stress

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Sit down and have a glass of whatever makes you calm. Read a book or get a massage. Relax your mind and your body so that you can prevent all of the harm that stress does to your hair.

Stress is detrimental to your body, so it's naturally going to be bad for your hair as well. I know that this isn’t a surprise to anybody, but do you know how much hair you can lose by living a stressful life?

The answer is tons! You can potentially go bald by living a life that’s too stressful. According to the Mayo Clinic, stress is a huge factor in three common forms of hair loss. While the exact causes of each type of hair loss is different, stress can be a major trigger.

If we’re being honest, we know that stress is nearly impossible to avoid. From working with slackers on a group project to rush hour traffic, it seems like you’ll have to deal with some form of stress no matter what. While we can’t get away from stress, we can learn how to deal with it.

When I’m stressed, all I want to do is rant and lay down (leave a comment if this is you too, or if it’s just me lol) but that’s not healthy or practical. If something needs to be done, then I’ll just take care of it because I noticed that I’m a lot more focused when I’m in a bad mood. That’s more beneficial than ranting, and the sense of accomplishment usually makes me feel better.

On the off chance that I took care of everything already ( which never happens) then I’ll just listen to music and play a game on my phone. This isn’t as practical but it’s still better than ranting at people.

Some things you don’t want to do to de-stress are binge eating or drinking, anything that causes physical or mental harm, or anything that requires you to spend a large amount of money.

Getting into these habits might cause serious problems in the future, and could harm your health, relationships, or bank account. Find healthy ways to cope with stress so that you don’t set yourself up for a harmful situation.

Examples of healthy ways to cope with stress are: drawing, writing, reading, singing etc. Here’s a link to an article that includes 25 ways to de-stress in case you need some more tips.

Some of these tips involve eating and spending money, so don’t go overboard if these are the tips you want to try. Everything is best done in moderation and when you know your limits. Whatever you do, just make sure that it’s good for all of you, not just your mood.

Go To Sleep

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Go take a nap, then come back and read this. Are you feeling refreshed? Good, I’m sure your hair is too. Sleep is as important for natural hair growth as food and water. Before we get to the more scientific reasons, let’s start with something that everybody can relate to.

Let’s see if you can relate to this scenario: You have to do your hair, but it’s late and you’re already tired because it’s been a long day. What do you do, you start rushing.

When you rush, you might miss a step or brush too hard, and your hair isn’t in the best condition possible. All of this just leads to more work later on, because we have to do our regular routine and compensate for what we didn’t do last time.

What’s the best way to avoid all of this… going to sleep! Just take a nap and everything will be fine after you wake up.  Sleep is needed for the protein synthesis of the hair. So it plays a function if forming hair strands. Another important thing is that sleep helps with stem cell production which is how you get natural hair growth.

Stem cells are cells that haven’t been specialized yet. They can multiply rapidly can produce specialized cells. So hair stem cells are needed to produce the various cells that make up the follicle. Without them, growth wouldn’t be possible because the body wouldn’t make any new cells.

It seems like no sleep= no growth. Not exactly, but you are doing yourself a huge favor when you sleep. Use this as a reason for napping. I’m not sure if it’ll work all the time, but who doesn’t appreciate a good reason to go to sleep?

Do Regular Body Cleanses and Detoxes

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We are living in a time when everybody is constantly being exposed to toxins and pollutants. The environment plays a role in natural hair health, so you have to make sure you take it into account.

Pollution in the water, air, and soil make it’s way into our bodies and damages the hair and scalp. All of these toxins have to be removed if we want to achieve optimal health and growth.

Exactly how do cleanses and detoxes help with natural hair growth? They help by removing the toxins that slow down your body and cause alopecia and other forms of hair loss. They refresh the essential organs which in turn gives your hair life-cycle a restart. Restarting the life-cycle means that your hair gets a longer growth period.

This sounds like it should be a lot of work but it’s not. A really convenient thing about detoxes and cleanses is that you don’t have to do them often. Most of the time, you can suffice by just drinking one or two more glasses of water per day or eating healthier foods. See, not hard at all.

There are multiple foods that are great for hair growth and detoxing, but always consult a doctor before doing any detox to make sure it’s not harmful.

Make Sure To Get Your Nails Done

manicure (1).jpg

This one isn’t a hair growth tip as much as it’s a length retention tip. When polish starts to chip or if you have raggedy nails, hair can get caught and snag against the sharp ends.

This is especially true on wash day when your hands are all up in your hair. Nails can rip out hair faster than anything else.

In order to prevent this, make sure to get your nails done once you see that it’s starting to chip.  Go to the nail salon or have a spa day in the comfort of your own (or your friend’s) home.

If you spend a lot of time washing your hair or washing dishes, I personally suggest dip powder. It’s a little bit more expensive, but it lasts a lot longer than shellac or regular manicures. Your nails and your hair will thank you.

Have A Hot Shower

steam shower (1).jpg

Have a long and hot shower, and immerse yourself in a lot of steam. Steam lifts the cuticle and adds a bit of moisture. Adding a little bit of moisture to the hair never hurt anybody.

All you have to do is have a hot shower without wearing a shower cap. Just make sure that you follow-up with a leave-in and your favorite carrier oil to make sure that the moisture is retained. This is called steaming, and it can be done anytime because moisture is always needed. In my opinion, the best time to do it is when you’re deep conditioning because it helps the hair better absorb the conditioner.

It’s also good to do it when your style is old and you are about to wash your hair in a few days. This prevents mid-week dryness and possible breakage.

Besides the steam benefits, having a hot shower goes along with my first point because it’s super relaxing. For some reason, some of the best thinking and day-dreaming happens when you’re taking a shower. You relax, zone-out for a bit, and come out feeling extremely refreshed. Who knew that staying clean could help grow your hair?

Add Drops Of Essential Oils To Your Conditioners And Hair Masks

Ok, this one might take a little bit of work, but I promise that it won’t be too much! All you have to do is add at least 3 drops of your favorite essential oils to your masks and conditioners in order to see a boost in hair growth.

You might be asking “ Why only highlight essential oils instead of mentioning oils in general”? Good question. Essential oils are shown to boost hair growth because of their stimulating properties. They increase blood flow to the scalp which is essential (pun intended) for hair growth.

Most of them also help with other issues that might stunt growth such as dandruff or an inflamed scalp. In my article Seven Essential Oils That Every Natural Should Try I include research articles about every oil.

These articles highlight how each one can help with natural hair growth by listing the benefits they have for the hair and scalp. I encourage you to click on the links in order to know more about how they help.

Leave a comment about your favorite lazy natural hair growth tip. What are some things you do ( or don’t do) that grow your hair without a lot of effort? Help us all out by sharing.

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Growing long natural hair doesn’t always require a lot of effort. If you’re having one of those Bruno Mars lazy days where you don’t feel like doing anything, then these are the tips for you! Get natural hair growth without a lot of work. All you have to do is keep calm and do nothing. #naturalhair #hair #beauty #hairgrowth #naturalhairgrowth