This Is How You Deep Condition

The basics of how to deep condition are essentially simple. You put the conditioner (store-bought or DIY) on your hair and wait a few minutes for it to absorb. Easy right? Sometimes you even add a few drops of carrier oils to increase moisture and make it work better. To reach a little further, let’s talk about whether it’s best to use heat while conditioning, and the different types of heat.

Why Should You Use Heat

I know that you probably heard a lot of naturals preach about the dangers of using heat on your hair, however, deep conditioning is an exception.

Using heat to deep condition opens up your cuticles which allows more moisture to go deep into the strands. It also allows your hair to retain moisture for a longer period of time, meaning that you don’t have to re-moisturize as often.

Some deep conditioners say that heat isn’t needed, but it has been my experience that heat is always better. If I don’t use it, I feel as though the product is just sitting on my hair.

Ways To Deep Condition

The way to deep condition without heat is to have multiple layers of coverings on your head and going about your day. If you go this route, it’s best to leave it on your head for at least 1.5 hours to allow the conditioner to fully soak in.

Most people say to only leave it for an hour, but if you have dense or thick hair, aren’t very active, and/or not in a hot area, you should leave it on longer.

If you decide instead to use heat to deep condition, then you have options:


Use A Hooded Dryer

Image by VIVIANE6276

Image by VIVIANE6276

If you don’t have a salon quality dryer, you can buy a hood and attach it to your blow dryer. This limits your mobility, so it might not be best if you have something to do at the moment that requires you to move around.

However, you only need to be there for a few minutes, no more than half an hour. If you have to sit there for more than 30 minutes, either something is wrong with your equipment or that deep conditioner is not for you!


Heated Caps/ Towels

heated towels

This is great if you need to deep condition but also need to get stuff done. You heat up the caps or towels then put it on your head. Once again you only need to do this for no more than 30 minutes most times.




This one allows for heat and extra moisture, so you really are giving your hair a boost. By providing extra moisture, it allows your coils to pop a little bit more. You can buy a steamer, or do it yourself by either deep conditioning in the shower without wearing a shower cap.

Another way to do it at home is by heating up a wet washcloth until it steams, then put on a shower cap, the washcloth, and another shower cap. The second cap will trap the steam, and you can even cover everything with a shirt in order to have extra protection. Make sure you put something around your neck before you do all of this because the washcloth will drip and you don’t want to get burned.

Deep conditioning, is phenomenal for your hair, especially if you use heat. It’s not something you want to do everyday because it will cause moisture overload. However, doing this once or twice a week will have you looking your best and give you the healthy hair you want.

Leave a comment by letting me know how you deep condition, and also tell me how often!

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